MyMicrobes wants to sequence your gut microbiome

MyMicrobes is a social network that is inviting people to have their gut bacteria sequenced for about €1,500. The idea is act as social network and DNA database, offering a place for people to talk about diet tips and gastrointestinal woes.
Several months ago a group of researchers sequence found that people fall into one of three groups, or enterotypes. Researchers create MyMicrobes to obtain data about the bacteria living in peoples guts.

Why researchers want to you gut microbes, reason it's simple reserchers has found links between certain gut-specific genetic markers and obesity and other diseases. Researchers suspect that gut enterotypes might affect how people react to different drugs and diets.

At the moment is no proven link between enterotypes and disease remedies. But the researchers hope the project will provide a bounty of data while helping volunteers connect with one another. Participants will have access to their own data, but all public results will be anonymous.

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