Impact of Intestinal Microbiota on Intestinal Luminal Metabolome

Low–molecular-weight metabolites produced by intestinal microbiota play a direct role in health and disease. Analyzing the colonic luminal metabolome using capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry with time-of-flight (CE-TOFMS) —has becime a novel technique for analyzing and differentially displaying metabolic profiles— in order to clarify the metabolite profiles in the intestinal lumen. Using CE-TOFMS it has been possible identified significant diferences in metabolites concentrations from the colonic luminal metabolome in the germ-free (GF) mice than in the Ex-GF mice. These results indicate that intestinal microbiota highly influenced the colonic luminal metabolome and a comprehensive understanding of intestinal luminal metabolome is critical for clarifying host-intestinal bacterial interactions.

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